The secret of Ma’Imi

“There is no secret for beauty like happiness- Ma’Imi makes you happy” Every single piece is unique and HANDMADE.

Ma´Imi inspires through ease and elegance. The simple beauty and matchless design of the two designer Jasmin Maman and Irina Albeck quickly got around and inspires people from all over the world.

Since January 2012 Maman and Imi have been offering their handmade jewelry – appropriate for every occasion. Be it a gala, a candle-light-dinner, or simply a coffee with friends: Ma´Imi knows each occasion’s demands and offers jewelry of great variety. According to the two founders, the basis for good jewelry is great design, high quality materials, but especially its versatility!

“A beautiful necklace that I can only wear with one dress is a beautiful necklace. A beautiful necklace that I can combine in a variety of ways is modern jewelry. That is our claim.” Jasmin Maman – Founder of Ma´Imi

Materials such as leather, coral, mother of pearl, horn, and colorful stones stand at the center of the collection. The harmony of colors is the designers’ initial inspiration when they start working. The colors have to flow and unite, they must not collide. Leather, pearls, and stones must become one entity. Stones have their own expression, their own fascination, and language – they foster energy of thousands of years. Similar to the stones, symbols often used by the designers’ such as the peace-symbol, cross, or star of David have a special meaning for a lot of people. They represent a particular way of life and strength!

Strength is what Ma´Imi wants to convey to the fans, and what makes this jewelry so unique. The individually crafted items carry a universal message and give women the confidence that makes them glow.

“Ma´Imi accentuates a woman’s elegance without outshining it! It makes a statement and underlines her beauty.” Irina Albeck – Founder of Ma´Imi